My New Year's Resolutions

December 30, 2009


In the past I was always that person that thought New Year’s resolutions were a bunch of BS. How many of us know someone that resolves to lose weight, be a better person, etc. and by February they are cursing people out and slaughtering a buffet? Needless to say, this is the first year I have decided to make a few resolutions of my own. Nothing major, just a few goals to work towards and realistic changes to make.

1. 1,000 miles – Whew! That sounds like a lot, but when you do the math, it averages out to approximately 20 miles a week. This is not only reasonable, but if I hit this goal, I will burn enough calories to maintain my weight and enjoy beer and ice cream a few goodies without feeling guilty.
2. Run 4 Races – Last year I only ran two races, so I think I can easily double my number this year. Although I like to keep my competitive edge at bay, I am looking forward to posting decent times and reveling in the sense of accomplishment I feel after the race.
3. Keep a food journal – I didn’t over do it during the holidays, but I didn’t turn down too many slices of cake either. Five pounds later, I’m ready to buckle down and start training for my first race in March. Yikes! That’s only three months away. It’s been real eating everything I want, but now it’s time to track my calories and eat clean.
4. Drink more water – During the winter I tend to stray away from drinking water. It’s too cold and I’d rather sip diet coke or tea. This is bad, really bad…so I’m buying a water bottle and keeping it filled with the clear stuff.
5. Continue to enjoy running – Last but not least, I want to keep a healthy perspective on running and fitness in general. There have been times when I put my running and working out ahead of hanging out with family and friends and doing other things I enjoy. Also, as soon as I allow my competitive edge to dictate my runs, frustration, over exertion and obsession begin to set in. Then I start to dread working out and sink into a funk. This year I hope to maintain a healthy work, life, and fitness balance.

Alright ladies, what are your New Year’s Resolutions?

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