Gym Pet Peeves

December 23, 2009


As Fall began to set in, I decided to join the Downtown YMCA. I thought it was a good opportunity to break up my running and check out this new Zumba craze. I proudly admit, I'd much rather hit the gym, than to face the freezing cold. But, with anything, there's a few sacrifices that come with being a gym rat. I would like to say I'm a pretty understanding, don't-let-things-get-under-your-skin type of girl, but there's a few things that REALLY irritate me about the gym.

1.) People who talk on their cell phone while running or doing other cardio
Doesn't this seem a little oxymoronic? If you're really working up a sweat and burning calories, how can you possibly have enough breath to discuss the previous night's antics or the office secretary's outfit?

2.) People who don't wipe down machines
Okay, so the local gym probably isn't the most sanitary place on earth just because of the amount of sweat everyone is sloughing off. All the more reason why people should take a little more time and wipe their body fluids off the machine and/or equipment for their gym neighbor. Let's all do our part to keep each other healthy.

3.) Guys who try to pick up girls
Last week I decided to catch a mid-day workout and some light weightlifting in hopes of avoiding all the bodybuilders and their incessant stares. I was well into my second set of squats when a guy (who I'd seen a few week prior at my alma mater's homecoming) decides there's not a better time to strike up a conversation. Apparently my reluctancy to cut off my iPod and my fumbling with the headphone cord didn't give enough of the "You're interrupting me vibes". Because I'm a nice girl, I made light conversation. He finally got to the reason why he had come over in the first place. The typical, " Can I call you sometime?". I replied that my fiance wouldn't be very happy with that. Then he said something I wasn't expecting, "I don't care about your fiance!" (Wow! Boys are really bold these days!!). I kindly replied that I did and I'm sure he didn't want to die at such a young age. I didn't even wait for a reaction and calmly returned to the weights. GUYS! a gym is not the time or place to pick up girls.....unless you're at the Green Hills YMCA. Then it's fair game.

4.) Women who walk around naked in the locker room
Apparently this goes for men too. Although, I applaud women who feel comfortable enough to walk around complete strangers in the nude, I don't appreciate being subjected to it. Grab a towel and cover up no matter how much those squats are helping!

5.) The socialites
I have, on occasion, run into people I know at the gym. Thankfully it was before or after my workout. It's okay to hold a light conversation, but anything more than 10 minutes is much. You're losing valuable time in the gym! My administrative assistant and her husband frequent the same gym. I'll often see them there. I used to wonder why they would never come over and say hi as I hit the treadmill, until one day she said "Yeah, I see Toni all the time just running away on the treadmill. I don't want to disturb her." How thoughtful! She wasn't being rude at all! She was actually helping me not to become distracted! Keep it light and keep it short! This isn't Happy Hour.

Other than these five things, I don't mind being a gym rat. I've just learned to adjust my workout schedule accordingly. Do you guys have any other gym pet peeves??

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