Help! I'm Going Natural

December 22, 2009


Post Workout Hair
For most of us, maintaining a cute hairstyle on days that we run can be pretty difficult. Well, I feel like I made things even more challenging when I decided to go natural four months ago. The first few months weren’t so bad, but I am finally at the point where it’s getting a little more difficult to manage and the allure of the creamy crack is starting to entice me. Luckily I have found tons of blogs and information on the Internet to help me transition. However, the hardest part is that a lot of the styles and information don’t take into consideration an active lifestyle aka sweating out blowouts, flat irons, roller sets, etc. I’ve found that I have to wet my hair almost every day that I run so that I can comb through it. This isn’t so bad for the new growth, but my permed hair gets really dry. HELP! To those who have transitioned or are natural, I really need advice on products and techniques to keep my hair healthy as I transistion.

Here are a few problems that I am having:

1. Frizz – I have been doing two stranded twists and roller sets, but my hair is a frizz ball by the end of the day and completely frizzed out after my run. I’m not sure if I’m using the wrong products or what.
2. Lack of Moisture – After I work out, I usually have to wet my hair in order to comb through it. I need a product that adds moisture to both the natural and permed hair and makes it a little easier to manage.
3. Detangler vs Leave-In Conditioner – I am completely overwhelmed by the amount of hair care products that claim to strengthen, detangle, soften, restructure, moisturize and do all of the above. I’ve been been using 2-3 conditioners every time I wash my hair (and I usually just wash with conditioner) because my roots need a detangler, and my ends need a deep conditioner. Is there a product that can solve both problems?

Products that I have tried:
1. Giovanni Conditioner
2. Organics Shampoo and Conditioner
3. Jane Carter Shampoo and Leave-In Conditioner
4. Pantene Pro-V Shampoo and Conditioner
5. Carol’s Daughter Shampoo

Natural ladies, what products do you recommend? Do you wash your hair after every workout and did you transition or big chop?

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