Dispelling Myths: Black People Don’t Run in the Cold

December 11, 2009


Do you ever have a moment when you ask yourself “What the heck am I doing?” This was the internal conflict I had last night while running head on into the blistering cold wind. After about a mile, I looked around and realized that not only was I the only black person out running, but there were only about 5 others runners, including a crazy white guy in shorts.

Not one to be negative or a defeatist, I decided to compile a list of reasons that I should continue running outside and not retreat to the warmth of the gym and the dreadful treadmill.

1. Frostbite can’t be that bad – I’ve never been frostbitten. But, I do know that you don’t REALLY need ten fingers and ten toes.
2. Chapstick– After a few weeks of winter running, I’m starting to look like Dave Chappel’s character, Tyrone Biggums. I’ve tried Carmex, ChapStick and plain ‘ole Vaseline. All three are working ok, but hopefully I can find something a little stronger.
3. No one can see your ashy skin when you are wearing sweaters and turtlenecks – I have very dry skin, so I have to use Eucerin, Nivea or Vaseline to knock the ash off. Just like the chapped lips, this is not very sexy and I will stay covered up until spring.
4. Treadmillls are dangerous – Have you ever tripped and busted your behind on a treadmill? I have. Don’t laugh. Seriously, stop laughing, because the experience was very traumatizing. Now every time I run on one, I have to clutch the rail with one hand, and I won't even start the machine without pinning the safety key to my shirt.

Alright ladies, who’s sticking it out with me and running in the winter weather?

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