And The Winners Are.....

December 01, 2009


First we'd like to say a HUGE "Thank You" to everyone who participated in our first contest! Ashley and I had a blast reading all the e-mails and posts to the blog entry. Not only did we get a few laughs, but we were truly inspired by ALL of the stories and everyone's commitment to not overindulging during the holidays. So....the winners are:

Mavis: Mavis had one of the most inspiring stories ever (with pictures to testify to her hard work and dedication to getting fit). She's lost more than 30 pounds and 2 dress sizes over the course of two years (*High Five*) AND even though she gained two pounds over the holidays (water weight I'm sure), she's going hard core starting January 1. "I have to stake claim on my treadmill, stair climber and my locker, as of January 1 we all will be fighting for equipment at the gym!," she said. I'm sure this won't be the last we hear of Mavis!

Marquetta: Her determination to complete a 5k this year (or next) was evident as she planned to hit the gym early Thanksgiving morning to "create a calorie deficit early." Ashley and I literally laughed out loud when she said, "It's all about portion control. A spoonful (not one of those big wooden spoons that my mom still has hanging on her kitchen wall)," she said.

Lai-L: Even though she knew asking her family to work out during Thanksgiving was a lost cause, she DID have some influence on them being healthy whether they knew it or not. She baked an Pumpkin Angel Food Cake for dessert (yum! yum!) to share with the family. "At the end of the night the cake was gone. They thoroughly enjoyed it," said Lai-L. But she didn't stop there. She hit the gym at 10 a.m. Turkey Day morning and ran two miles all while doing so in style! (She's also a fellow blogger. Check her out at

Afrobablyon: She took advantage of the awesome weather and went for a three-mile run and managed to convince family members to do the same. They also ate delicious post-workout food . "We also had some yummy post-workout asparagus and blue cheese salads, courtesy of my unparalleled salad making skills," she said.

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