6 Friends That Every BGR Needs

November 19, 2009


I found myself watching Girlfriends the other day and wondering why the heck Joan puts up with Toni. Clearly I would have given her the boot back in Fresno. (Btw, Joan is Toni’s celebrity look alike). But this got me thinking about all of my girlfriends and the different ways they enhance my life. Here are the girlfriends that every BGR needs.

1.The Calorie Counter – This is me…I realize that I am kind of annoying and I’m not a good companion if you want to pig out. I usually say things like, “You know there are 100 calories in every buffalo wing,” right as you take a bite of the first one. But, my friends have grown to appreciate that I am a walking calorie calculator and they now ask me what low-fat, low-calories foods I recommend before ordering.

2.The Hypochondriac – I rarely go to the doctor. I know this is wrong and I am working on it. That’s why I can appreciate one of my dear friends who shall remain nameless. Seriously, she is always sick, about to be sick, paranoid about swine flu, and always has a medicine cabinet in her purse. She says things like, “Girl you need to go get that checked out.” Since prevention is the best medicine, I can appreciate her.

3.The Runner – I went through a bit of a running slump back in June. Then I found ways to reignite my passion. One of the things I did was join a running group, and I admit running can be a lot more fun with a partner. Hopefully you can find another BGR to become your runner friend.

4.The Flexible One – In college my close friend Ashley took yoga for a semester. Every couple of days she convinced me to practice downward dogs and warrior poses with her. Now that have incorporated yoga into my workouts, I can appreciate her introducing me to the sport.

5.The Fashionista – Toni is my fashionista friend. Her workout gear always matches and she looks flyy running. She is also good at dropping subtle hints when she thinks you gear isn't on point. When she says, “You know Sports Authority is having a sale,” you know you look bad.

6.The Cheerleader – I know that God created happy-go-lucky people for a reason. One of my friends is always happy and always cheering everyone on. Selfishly I call her every time I need a pick me up. When I tell her I had a bad run or feel fat her replies is, “you look great! I wish I could run as far as you do.” Everyone needs a friend that keeps you lifted.

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