Winter Running Jackets and Vests

November 12, 2009


Layers, layer, layers…this is the key to staying warm during cold weather runs. You’ve got your running pants and shirts, now it’s time to add a few extra layers and hit the pavement.

Here are 3 things to keep in mind:
1. The layer closest to your skin should be moisture-wicking to draw sweat away from your body. 2. Remember that your body will heat up, so dress like its 20 degrees warmer than it actually is.
3. It’s ok to leave your arms out – I love vests, and I prefer them to jackets because I find that I don’t get too hot. It sounds ironic but even in February, when I start out running I’m bundled up and by mile six, I am ripping off a layer or rolling up my sleeves.

5 Great Running Jackets and Vests

Review: I love hoodies, especially during cold windy runs. This hoodie has great features such as built-in hand mitts and sweat-wicking fabric.

2. Adidas Response Wind Run Jacket Womens
Price: 59.99
Review: Mositure wicking and reflective…enough said.

3. Pearl Izumi Women's Optik Jacket
Price: $31 - 62.00
Review: I’m sure none of us glow in the dark, so this is a great reflective jacket that is wind and water resistant.

4. Brooks Motion Vest
Price: $80
Review: This is definitely the most stylish vest I have come across. Additionally, it has a few great features including: secure side pockets, moisture-transfer fabric, and a moisture-proof inner pocket for a MP3 or cell phone.

5. SPORTHILL Women's Running Vest
Price: $23.00 on ebay, retails for $65
Review: Great vest for layering and keeping your core warm. It’s a zone 3 vest, which is designed for 0-40 degrees weather.

After my running pants post, a reader left the comment, “the first rule I read online about running gear is never ever buy retail.” Great advice! Here are a few places to find the above brands at discount prices.
3. TJ Maxx
4. Ross
5. Target – Hands down the best place to find pieces for under $20.

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