I Heart Old Navy

October 12, 2009


Who wouldn't love to have a closet full of amazing workout gear from Nike, Adidas, Lululemon and the other top brands? I know I would, but I’m also on a budget and not really interested in spending $60 on one shirt or $75 on a pair of running tights. So, I was excited when I ran across these pieces from Old Navy - they are functional, cute and fit into my budget.

1. Women’s Mock Neck Track Jacket
For $15, these jackets are a great buy. They are cotton and spandex, which means they’re warm and stretchy. I also like that they come in black, brown, pink and a grey print.

2. Women's Moisture-Wicking V-Neck Active Tops

These shirts are on sale for $15, which is a really good deal for an active top. I admit, I probably won’t wear it on a long run day, but it’s great for shorter runs and excellent for walkers.

3. Women's Ruffled Hoodies

I am a hoodie junkie! I wear them everywhere – work, working out, running errands, church. Although I won't run in this jacket, it's perfect for slipping into after a workout when I'm running errands. I’m especially digging the ruffles in the front and the $24.50 price tag.

4. Women's Moisture-Wicking Capris

It’s finally starting to cool off in Charlotte, so I am starting to stock up on capris and running tights. I wasn’t sure about the quality of these pants, but one customer review states, “These are comfortable and practical for long runs. They are the perfect running pant.” They are also $15, which is a great price.

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