Sole Stories: TL Williams

October 05, 2009


Everyone has a story. For some it's a story of wanting something more, for others it's a story full of tears, heart and determination. Our series "Sole Stories" will give you a glimpse into what drives women to change their lives and their "soles." We met TL through Twitter, and we were motivated by her almost weekly updates with race times and progress reports. Later on, we found out that she has run 13 races so far! She inspires us!

1. When and why did you decide to start running?
I started running December 2008. I wanted to “rev-up” my weight loss. I didn’t want to make this another “New Year’s resolution,” so I started in December. To keep myself honest, I registered for a couple of races early in the upcoming year – one in January and one in February. The one in February was a 5K, a fairly well established one (part of a larger running event the same weekend - Mercedes Marathon Weekend).

2. What motivates you to stay in shape?

Just liking how I look and feel - and of course, the compliments from the guys - That’s not a selfish statement. You can’t truly love someone else unless you love yourself. Not in a narcissistic way, but being comfortable in the skin you’re in. The health benefits are great – I’ve lowered my blood pressure. Also, I think I have been inspiring others at work to lose weight. Several of us now walk at least 2-3 times a week during lunch – even though we only have 30 minutes.

3. What changes have you seen in your body since you have been running?

I’ve lost 20 lbs since I started running, but I’ve seen more loss in inches than in pounds. That’s fine with me because I’ve dropped several dress sizes. I’ve seen not only external changes (smaller waist, etc.), but also internal, such as my endurance – being able to run farther, run longer.

4. Besides running, what other exercises are apart of your fitness routine?

Strength training, cardio training (elliptical, exercise bike). I would like to find a good Pilates class to help strengthen my core.

5. How many races have you run? What motivates you to keep racing and what have you learned from the experience?

I’ve run 13 races to date (the longest to date 8K in 1:08:00). I’m planning to run at least one 10K this fall and a couple of half-marathons early next year. I think once you start running, you become addicted. I’ve learned that I can accomplish anything I set my mind to.

6. What words of encouragement do you have for other women who are new to running?

Just take the first step and “Just Do It”. You may not be able to go far, but the fact you took the initiative to try is what’s important.

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