Runner's Entitlement Part 1

September 22, 2009


A few weeks ago Toni and I gave one of our readers, LaTaya Franklin, a hard time after she posted on facebook that she was eating Popeye’s chicken after a run. We decided to give LaTaya a chance to tell her side of the story and then offer her some advice.

Okay, so it was one of those good ‘ole Sunday afternoons, and I had just left church. I felt particularly good about my spiritual/mental state of mind and thought that it was a perfect time to head to the gym and get some miles in so I could get a runner's high and feel equally as good about my body. I entered the gym and hit the treadmill, but this time was different. Normally, I hate the treadmill, I loathe it. But that day I was a beast, I was hitting my miles in stride. I could feel the fat literally melting off my body. I was doing so well that I decided to do an extra mile. I wasn't winded. I didn't look sloppy. I felt like a real athlete. I stepped off the treadmill and was extremely proud of myself. So, I left the gym and my proverbial "swag" was on high! I felt like I could conquer the world. As I got in my car, it occurred to me that I hadn't eaten that day. So as I was driving, I looked around to see what dinner was befitting of a superior athlete like myself. And out of no where, I was hit with this sense of entitlement. I thought, "I can eat what I want, I just ( insert your work out here) and I deserve a good meal." And seemingly out of nowhere, I ended up in a Popeye's parking lot drive thru and found myself ordering a mild two-piece, with an order of fries. Honestly, as I ordered and subsequently ate my food, I felt good. I felt that I had earned this fried crispy treat. But, as I took my last bite, the guilt hit me like a ton of bricks. I was so ashamed and immediately started to do crunches thinking that I could somehow undo some of the damage that I had done. I vowed that I would never behave so foolishly again. However, I know, that this was not the first time I had committed such an indiscretion and sadly, it probably wouldn't be the last. I wish I could say that this was a rare occurrence, but sadly it's not. I need help on how to get rid of this sense of entitlement I feel after a good workout. I know that I am being counter- productive and I need help.

Check in tomorrow, as we will give Taya some advice on meal planning and 5 Ways to Combat Runner’s Entitlement.

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