The Five-Pound Warning

September 21, 2009


Last Thursday I was sitting in my office working diligently on a project when our janitor popped his head in my door. In his scruffy voice he remarked, “Girl you put on some weight.”
“What?” I replied a little taken off guard.
“I can tell you have put on about five pounds. But it’s that ‘good’ weight.” He went on to explain how this weight would help me find a man, etc. I’m not really sure if our janitor meant this as a compliment or not, but my feeling were a little hurt. I admit it’s true; I have put on a “little” weight, especially in my butt and thighs. I’m not sure of the exact amount, but probably around five pounds. The last time I went to the doctor I weighed 113 pounds fully dressed with shoes on. (Now keep in mind I am only 5’2”) But admittedly, my jeans are a little tighter and when Toni and I went shopping I bought a pair of jeans that were a 4 petite. (I usually wear a 2) If I backtrack about a month, I can clearly pinpoint the origins of the weight gain. The culprits are my busy schedule, which resulted in only three workout days a week, ice cream, alcohol and stress.
I don’t want to “freak out” about the weight gain, but every time I put on jeans or go shopping, I’m conscious of how the pants fit or what size I have to buy. I also think about every time I have gained weight in the past. I always ignored the first five pounds, which eventually turned into 10, 15, etc. So, this brings me to my new “Five Pound Warning” theory.
"Five-Pound Warning - The “overnight” weight gain that is often ignored. During this period, there are several tell-tell signs that your weight may begin to spiral out of control."

Here are the Warning Signs
1. Tight clothes – Tight clothing is the number one warning sign that you are gaining weight. The numbers don’t lie. When I was in denial, I blamed my tight jeans on the dryer as if it one day it decided to magically shrink them more than usual.

2. Feeling bloated – Although it’s only a few pounds, I can feel the weight when performing everyday activities. I also feel and look bloated. Again, I tried to blame it on PMS until the bloated feeling stayed around for more than two weeks.

3. Fatigue - Although my eating habits and workout routine has only changed in the last month, I feel slightly sluggish and sleepy. Honestly, I feel like my body has been rejecting the extra calories, fat, oils, sugar and having a difficult time

4. Other people notice the weight – It’s hard to live in denial when other people start noticing the weight. Although it may hurt your feelings, it’s time to face the facts.
Now that I see the writing on the wall, I am taking action. I have already started changing my eating habits and exercising DISCIPLINE. No more late night ice cream binges or nightcaps. Perhaps the biggest driving factor to lose the five pounds is that I don't want to undo all of the hard work I have put in over the years. Has anyone else experienced the “five-pound warning"? Did you ignore it or take action?

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