To Headband or Not to Headband?

September 16, 2009


There's a fine line between 70s cool and 70s dork. And when it comes to sweatbands and headbands, the line is even thinner between functional and fashionable.

For months, my boyfriend has been trying to convince me to wear a sweat absorbent headband to help with my excessive sweating. It worked for him as a college track star, why wouldn't it work for me?

The one and only reason. I have to be cute while I run. My refusal to wear a sweatband even prompted him to pull out his from his glory days. I think back in the day it was probably white, but could only currently be described as ......vintage.

I digress. From the picture above, sweatbands for women are tricky. Worn incorrectly you could be mistaken for an extra in "Anchor Man".

However, while doing my research, I came across a woman who has become my headband role model. Candace Parker. She wears headbands all the time.....and fashionably. I experimented with some different types to perfect what I have dubbed as the "Candace Parker."

  • DO wear sweatbands, however pull your hair back in a ponytail to avoid the "70s dork" look.
  • DO purchase in cute, feminine colors such as pink, purple, or navy for the Fall.
  • DO wear your favorite athletic brand
  • DON'T wear too many logos at one time

  • DO try "Stay Put headwraps. They can be found at Target.
  • DO wear your hair down if you have shorter hair
  • DO wear fun colors


I've seen Candace wearing this recently in her advertising campaign. Not only is it functional, but it's chic. To get the look, put your hair in a ponytail and put two Goody "Ouchless" headwraps around your nape and position on the top of your head. They can be found at Target.

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