Cute Running Shoes. Do they Exist?

September 15, 2009


I definitely buy into a certain part of hip-hop culture that has a fetish for shoes. Exposing myself to endless rap videos, Cribs episodes, underground hip-hop and magazines has enhanced my desire to rock the latest and greatest shoes, especially sneakers. In my early running days, I hit the sidewalks and trails in a flyy pair of green, suede and patent leather Pumas. I thought I was cool…No, I knew I was cool. But, when you know better you do better. So, I have upgraded to wearing running shoes that support my arches, correct my gait and help prevent injuries.
"To me traditional running shoes are a lot like hybrid cars, the best ones get great mileage but look horrible."
In the back of my mind I can’t help but to wonder if there aren’t hot, flyy, creative, in your face running shoes on the market. Thus began my journey.

The first stop for cute running shoes was the website. My brand allegiance is pretty clear, but more than that, I love the shoes. The hottest and best running shoes they have right now are the Air Max 2009. If you buy the shoes through the website, you get to customize and pick your own colors. Plus, you can add a Nike ID.

Next stop, Puma. Puma is my old stomping ground for funky shoes. I love the bright colors, sleek build and mix of materials. Their high-end running shoes show some of the same qualities as their street shoes. Plus Usain Bolt wears Pumas, and he is the fastest man in the world right now! Ok, that’s false advertising, but the L.I.F.T. Racer and Cell Voltra are kind of flyy.

Brooks is one of the most popular running shoes on the market. Although they have a price tag of $100 plus, I like to think of them as the shabby chic of running shoes. They are cute and eclectic, and most importantly solid running shoes. They offer a great range of colors – orange, red, etc. If they were a hybrid car, they would be comparable to a hybrid Honda – sporty, chic and excellent mileage.

“Run This Town” Award

Lastly, the “Run This Town” award for the flyyest, most creative and fashion forward sneaker goes to Adidas. After watching the Jay-Z video by the same name, I was inspired by the creativity and bad ass style. Adidas personifies this and I think they are a sneaker fanatics dream running shoe provider because they provide the most options to customize with the launch of Mi Adidas. Not only can you pick the colors for the sole, eyestay and toe cap, laces, overlay and sockliner. but, you can also personalize it with your name and a university or Chinese symbol. Check out the Black Girls RUN! Custom Adidas shoe!

Any other shoe lovers who want a fashion forward running shoe? What shoes are you wearing and how does it complement your style?

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