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September 14, 2009


If you’ve been running for any amount of time you know there’s a couple of things you don’t want to happen. They are chafing (what happens when there’s moisture and rubbing) and riding. Nothing like a wedgie and irritated (or bleeding) crevices at mile three.

Ashley chose some very cute outfits that can help with both, but let’s delve a little deeper.


I’m sure I’m not alone when I say this, but I hate running in underwear. Especially my cute ones. I can’t say they were made for sweat and hour(s) of running. But rather than going comando, ASICS has a great selection of underwear created just for running. Not only are they kind of sexy, they actual serve their purpose! Try ASICS Stride Brief. They have a high cut for optimal movement, aerodynamic flatseam stitching and an anatomical fit to hug you just right. They’re also comfortable. I suggest spicing up your running gear with red.

Sport Bra

This is a topic that we’ll cover more in depth in another post. But why can’t sports bras be sassy and functional. Well, they can be. I’m loving PUMA’s FT Fashion Tank in Fuchsia Rose. Not only do I love PUMA , the PUMA logo, pink, the double mesh and built in bra, but after seeing Usain Bolt set the World Record at 9.58 seconds, who wouldn’t want to dawn the puma?


You’ll never catch me in the sun without my Roberto Cavalli shades, but unfortunately they don’t quite work while trying to run. Not only do you need a fabulous pair of shades to protect your eyes from the sun, but you’ll look cooler than cool as you hit your local streets. You might even attract the paparazzi. My pick? Oakley’s Enduring Edge in Metallic Black/Black Iridium. They’re light-weight, eliminate water sheens and repel dust, skin oil and lotions, maintaing a smudge-resistant barrier AND you can customize them! They also have adjustable nose pieces to ensure a perfect fit.

and last but not least.....


One of my favorite clothing brands is Adidas. I’m assuming this stems from my love of hip-hop and the 80s. I still get a little giddy about classic white shell toe Adidas.

Stay classic with the Adidas Supernova Gore Windstopper Jacket in black/tin. It features full wind protection, CLIMAPROOF protection,

FORMOTION muscle support and reflective details to keep you safe when running in dim lighting conditions. Pair it with adiSTAR tights which has ClimaCool technology that regulates your body temperature to keep sweat away from your skin and you’ve got the perfect running fit.

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