Fashion Victim Makeover

September 11, 2009


After I ran my first race and posted pictures, it was brought to my attention that I looked a mess I should have been arrested by the fashion police. I am normally a somewhat stylish girl, but when it comes to workout gear, I am analogous to that guy at the bar who is wearing acid wash mom jeans and a Member's Only jacket. Honestly I did not realized how "unfashionable" I was until I joined my running group. By the second run, I realized I was the only one in cotton and soccer shorts.

Now that it is fashion week, I decided that there was no better time to give myself a fierce makeover. I am burning all of my cotton, big t-shirts, tight shorts, baggy shorts, mismatch socks, etc. and filling my closet with not only fashionable, but also comfortable workout clothes. Here are a few items that I am purchasing.

Nike Tempo Running Shorts & Compression Shorts

As you can tell from the pictures above, I love my pink "Hilton Head" running shorts. My mom picked them up for me on her last trip to the beach. What I failed to realize is that they did not love me back. Luckily, the tempo shorts are comfortable and easy to run in. They also fit in all of the right places. I'm trying compression shorts for the first time, and these Moving Comfort shorts are made from a no-chafe fabric. I have a "thick" lower body, and I wanted shorts that allowed for a lot of movement without riding up or constricting my thighs.

Under Armor Tornado Short Sleeve Shirt and Nike Pro Fitted Top

No more cotton t-shirts! I am so happy to get rid of my cotton. Not only was it weighing me down, but most of the shirts were too big and I had to try and roll up the sleeves into my sports bra. From now on, all of my running shirts will be made from a moisture wicking material.

My Wishlist
Stella McCaartney for Adidas
I really like the look of Stella McCartney's line for Adidas. Honestly, many of her pieces look too nice to sweat in, and others like the pink Gym Bra Top look like something I could wear to the club.

As I look to add more pieces to my wardrobe, what other brands or stlyes do you all recommend?

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