Hair Chronicles: After the Run is Done

August 12, 2009


We constantly get questions (and question ourselves) on what are the best ways to maintain healthy hair while working out. The "Hair Chronicles" series hopes to answer some of those questions. We've enlisted some help from our friends at Lebanon Beauty and Style Academy in Lebanon, Tennessee (about 30 minutes outside Music City USA). Founder, owner and instructor Roxie Brown chats with BGR! about the basics of maintaining healthy hair while preserving the sexy. If you have questions you'd like to ask, email us at or simply post a comment below. BGR: We've had a few questions about what do to your hair while you're actually running. Is it best to wrap your hair while you run or is there a better way? RB: With longer hair, it's probably not the best idea to wrap your hair while you run. The extra weight will make your hair sweatier than normal. I would recommend putting it in a ponytail using fabric covered hair bands or Snag-Free Elastics by Sephora. You could also pin it up with hair pins. BGR: What if the hair is quite long enough to put in a ponytail? RB: In this case, I would recommend wrapping your hair using a satin scarf. It’s the easiest way to prevent major frizz. If you’re a little embarrassed by running with a satin scarf, tie a bandana over it. BGR: So after the run, what's next? RB: For women with longer hair, it’s important that you immediately dry wrap your hair using a satin scarf . You should let it dry completely before combing it out. For shorter hair, take off the scarf, re-wrap your hair and let it dry completely before combing out. BGR: Is there something you can use to freshen your hair in between salon visits? RB: Again, you don’t want to wash your hair more than once a week as to not deplete the natural oils in your hair. Try a hair odor neutralizer such as Jonathan Product’s Redo-Freshmen-Up Mist for Hair & Skin To Go. The spray refreshes slightly dirty, oily hair and neutralizes odors. Both products can be purchased online at

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