How your PDA/Smartphone can make you a better runner!

August 06, 2009


I can envision a future where our lives will become regulated and tracked by our cell phones. Oh wait, that time is now! No, really, your cell phone can be a small workout companion for you. Think of it as a personal trainer, tracker, chef, motivator, and musician. If your cell phone or iPod is not already doing all of those things for you, here are a few apps to help.

Lose It! - I used to have a composition notebook that I used as a food diary. Lose It! is a little more sophisticated. Overall, it's a good app to help you track calories and sugar. You can also search a database of popular restaurants to find the calorie count of your favorite foods.

Couch to 5K - Lots of our readers email us about getting started with running. A 5K (3 miles) is definitely a great distance for a first race and the Couch to 5K program is a great introduction to running program. This app includes voice prompts that lead you through a 20-30 minute workout.

Blender - We are obviously smoothie fans ("Fuel for Running" smoothie recipe), so I was excited when I discovered Blender. Blender is solely dedicated to providing tasty smoothie recipes. This app provides over 112 smoothie recipes and the best part is that they are categorized by the main fruit ingredient.
Drink Fit - Beer, Cocktail, Liquor, and Wine nutrition facts - There is a group of runner called Hashers who say they have a drinking problem and a running habit. Although I am not apart of that group, I do enjoy a nice beer or wine every day a few days a week. That's why I find the Drink Fit app pretty interesting. You can easily find out how many calories and carbs are in your beer, wine, liquor and mixers. For some reason I think drinking + a cell phone can easily lead to drunk texting or dialing. Hopefully this will not happen to anyone of you.
Women's Health Workouts - Don't go to the gym without having a planned workout. This app has several workouts to choose from and you can log your sets as well.

Gym Technik - Another great tracker, Gym Technik is available for most PDAs. The application allows you to track exercise stats i.e. sets, reps and weight.

Runner's Log - Runner's Log is for the Blackberry, and from what I've heard, it is a flexible, easy-to-use running log. Here is a screen shot.
The app allows you to calculate how many calories you burn, heart rate, etc.

Now you have just a few our favorites, what applications help you track your running and stay fit?

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