Do you speak RUNNING Part 2

July 30, 2009


"What's your pace, what's your PR?"
"Well...," think fast Ashley, you don't want these people to think you don't know anything about running. "Somewhere in the middle," I replied. Ok now everyone is giving me a blank stare. I take it that wasn't a good answer.
Running with the new running group really opened my eyes and ears to a new world of intense runners who were thoroughly educated in the sport. The most challenging part was for me to fake the funk and try to understand their lingo.
Here are a few words that I have run across no pun intended . Most of these are real terms and some are just fun ones that runners have made up.

Long Run Basically the longest run you have in a week. If you are a new runner, this term usually doesn’t apply. I used to tell runners that my long days were three miles. I no longer say this because three miles is a warm-up to serious runners. Technically I didn’t have “long days.” Now my long days are 6-7 miles, that distance is a little more legitimate.

Sandbagger Sandbaggers are bluffers. They twist the truth and make you think that they are not strong runners. They are the guy or girl in the group who says they haven’t run in a few weeks and they ate junk food right before the impending run. Then, they surpass everyone in the group and leave you choking on their dust. Be aware, sandbaggers ALWAYS talk to you first thing when you get to the gym, before a race, and before group runs. Their objective is to throw you off your game.

PR - Personal Record. Mine is 25:47, because I have only run one race.

Pace - How fast you run your miles. Your pace is usually not the same as how fast you ran your miles in a race. On a long run day, my pace is usually about 9:30. During a 5k, I run about 8:30. However, at this pace, I bonk (see below) at the end of the third mile.

Sweeper - A person in the running group who goes back to check on the slow people at the end of a run.

Bonk - To hit your wall, a complete state of exhaustion. When I hit my wall, I find that I make this awful gasping noise as if I am having the life choked out of me...Definitely not sexy and hard to play off if other runners are around.

Stitch - A cramp below your diaphragm. It's caused by not being hydrated. They are very painful and like bonking, they can be hard to play off. When you get a bad one, you want to stop, grab your side, and hang your head between your knees.

Wicking - The ability of an article of clothing to move moisture away from your skin to the surface of the fabric so that it can evaporate and keep you more comfortable. Hint - cotton definitely does not wick!

Boston, Chicago, LA When runners mention these cities, they are talking about the marathon. The first time I heard a group of runners mention these cities, I chimed in with “I love the shopping in Chicago…how about Garret’s popcorn?” After a silent pause, I was politely told that the group was talking about the marathon.

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