Hair Chronicles: Maintaining Healthy Hair (The Basics)

July 21, 2009


We constantly get questions (and question ourselves) on what are the best ways to maintain healthy hair while working out (sometimes four to five times a week). With an economic crisis and less free time than ever, getting to the salon every week is almost impossible.
We've enlisted some help from our friends at Lebanon Beauty and Style Academy in Lebanon, Tennessee (about 30 minutes outside Music City USA). Founder, owner and instructor Roxie Brown, found a few minutes in her hectic schedule to chat with us about the basics of maintaining healthy hair while trying to preserve the sexy. This is one of many Q&A's with the hair care guru so stay tuned. And if you have questions you'd like to ask, email us at
BGR: There's all types of hair, different textures, etc. But what are the basics of keeping your hair healthy while maintaining a vigorous workout/training schedule?
RB: One of the most important and critical things you can do is get a deep conditioner. This goes for all types of hair. There are several great conditioners on the market, but one that I've used for years for ethnic hair is Queen Helene Cholesterol with 100% natural protein. Another good conditioner is by Nioxin. They actually have an entire line for medium/coarse, chemically enhanced, normal to thin-looking hair called System 7 SmoothPlex which provides moisture, shine and helps control hair.
BGR: In general, how often should ethnic hair be washed?
RB: Typically, once a week. Shampooing more than that tends to remove the natural oils in your hair. Removing the natural oils tends to make the hair dry and brittle. Simply replacing those natural oils with man-made oils can only do so much. They will eventually make your hair look heavy and weigh it down.
BGR: What's the best way to maintain my hair style without going to the salon every week?
RB: It's important to use as little heat as possible. After working out or running, dry wrap your hair and tie a satin scarf around it so that it can dry naturally. In the morning, comb it out and it should fall into place.
All of these products can be purchased at your local beauty supply store or salon.

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