30 is the new 20

July 01, 2009


I see where Jay-Z was coming from by staying that “30 is the new 20.” But, I have to say that 30 is the same ole 30. Yes Jay, you are becoming a lot more mature and still have swag, but maybe that’s how it’s supposed to be. As I stare down 26, I can’t help but feel thirty looming in the distance. For me, it’s a pivotal age, and I recently compiled a list of goals that I want to accomplish by the time the big 3-0 rolls around.

Nestled between my professional aspirations and family life are my fitness goals.
It’s pretty simple; I want to be fit and fabulous. However, I am starting to wonder how I am going to juggle it all - the kids, marriage (maybe), a more demanding job, and staying as fit as I am now.

Each age group brings different expectations of how we should act, talk and look. As we age, how do our fitness goals change? Do we lower our expectations as we get older? How do we juggle our responsibilities and still make a commitment to take care of ourselves? Let me know your thoughts.

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