Running in the Heat

June 09, 2009


As the summer heats up and the ground becomes hot enough to fry an egg, I start to get a flashback to the summer of '97. That was the summer I got heat stroke. I will spare you dirty the details, but imagine having the flu and a stomach virus combined with burning skin and a migrane that hurts so bad you can't see. Now multiply that times 2. Yes, that's what heat stroke feels like.

We all know that we should wear sunscreen, light clothing, avoid the hottest times of day and stay hydrated in order to beat the heat. But, do you know how much water you should drink.

Here is how to calculate the right amount of hydration.
Weigh yourself naked before a run outside and afterwards. Every pound lost during the run equals 16 ounces of water. So, if you lose two pounds, you need to replenish 32 ounces (4 cups) of water. Knowing on average how much water your body loses is a great way to prevent drinking too much and too little water.

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