When the Workout Isn't Working Out! Part II

June 02, 2009


As I posted in the last blog, after a three year love affair with running, our relationship is now on the rocks. So, I am journeying outside of my comfort zone to reinvent my workouts and get excited about running again. These are the steps I am taking.

1. Find a new running route. I was attached to the convenience of my old route (it was less than a mile from work). The other day, I decided to run around a popular neighborhood in Charlotte. Although I got lost took the scenic route, I enjoyed the adventure. Plus, I ran without knowing how far or for how long. By removing the stress of time and distance, I was able to reconnect with why I fell in love with running - hearing my footsteps rhythmically hit the pavement, checking out the scenery and getting lost deep in thought. Since then, I checked out running routes on mapmyrun.com and run.com to find better routes in that area.

2. Find a Workout Partner. I’m starting to think running can be like sex; hot and sweaty you can do it alone, but it can be better with a partner. I recently found a running group through meetup.com. After my first run with them, I was in LOVE! Running with the group has been motivating, and most of the runners are more experienced than I am, so they have given me some really good tips. For those of you in big cities, check with your local Niketown, most of them have a running club that meets every week.

3. Infuse some fun. In hindsight I realize that it was a mistake to allow running to be my sole workout activity. My workout schedule not includes flag football on Monday nights and a fitness boot camp on Saturday mornings. Exploring other activities has allowed me to “miss” running instead of taking it for granted. Again, meetup.com is a great resource to find fitness groups in your city.

4. Set a new Goal. Over the past year, my goal has been to not gain weight to maintain a healthy body weight and stay healthy. How vague. By setting specific goals, I now have a plan of action to accomplish those goals and a way to measure my success.

How do you reinvent your workouts and stay motivated?

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