The Lies We Tell

May 12, 2009


I was reading these two article, "The Lies We Tell Ourselves About Staying Healthy in a Bad Economy" and "5 Lies Women Tell Each Other About Their Health and Happiness" and I started wondering about the lies I tell myself and others when it comes to my health and fitness. They say the truth shall set your free, so here are the 4 lies I tell.

1. I'm ALWAYS happy with my body.
I've dealt with body image issues ever since I was a not so skinny kid that my family affectionately called “brick house.” Since then, and several big butt jokes and nicknames later, I am finally at a place where I don’t think about my body and my imperfections as much. However, I went to the doctor the other day, and weighed in at 113 pounds! I was shocked! Immediately I started thinking that being this skinny would adversely affect my dating life. No black guy wants a twig, right? But I’m back on the positive thinking bandwagon, and I’m going to love my body no matter how big or small.

2. I'm not an emotional eater. This is one of the few things that Oprah and I have in common. Over the past few years, I have gotten in control of my emotions and eating. I typically I turn to running and working out when I feel stressed. But, I admit there are still days when I sneak in chocolate ice cream when I have had a bad day.

3. I don’t need help/motivation. Oh, this is the biggest lie I tell. As a fiercely independent person, I pretend to not need much help or motivation. I even run alone, and I workout alone. In reality, I would be a much better runner if I asked for help and had someone pushing me. I realize that I ultimately lose by having this attitude.

4. I don’t need to go to the doctor. This lie is especially embarrassing. Although I eat healthy and workout, I am completely irresponsible when it comes to going to the doctor. I basically have to be dying of swine flu in order to go. Prevention is the best medicine, so I will work on this.

What lies do you tell yourself and others when it comes to your health?

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