Toni’s Progress Report: Week 14 Hiatus - Black Women's Fitness

April 05, 2009


I’ve been training for my first marathon for 14 weeks now. Unfortunately I’ve hit a few roadblocks. I had a knee injury about three weeks ago. After consulting a few fitness experts and my primary care physician, they all concluded that I had been training too hard and my joints were still trying to get used to the running.

So, since then I have stopped trying to better my pace, and decreased my miles. On top of feeling like I’m starting all over again, I’ve realized that the injury has affected the way I run. Instead of running confidently and just running, I find myself always worried about my knee and doing everything (even not running) so that I won’t aggravate it. Obviously this isn’t the best strategy when training for a marathon. I realize the only way I’m going to get over my fear of running, is by, yeah you guessed it, running. As my training continues, I have to realize that injury is bound to happen. I can do everything in my power to try to prevent it, but let’s face it the body has limitations. So, I’m dedicating this week, to getting back in the groove and actually enjoying the run instead of being worried about my knee. As long as I have Bayer, ice and pillows, I should be fine.

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