Rotation Rotation

October 01, 2012


B: Demitria Lyles It's October! Which means Fall is in full swing! Time to put away the daisy dukes and bring out your favorite jeans and your comfortable running pants. It can get hard to try to search for that fuzzy fall scarf or those nice boots you scored during a sale earlier this year. Have you tried rotating you closet? Now of course rotating your closet doesn't mean physically rotating it. It means rotating your out of season clothes to the front or even in your closet for those shopping addicts. If you don't know where to start here's how: 1. Start off by actually separating your clothes, shoes, and accessories by season. For example those shorts you wore two weeks ago at a barbecue, are now out of season, so you would put those in your summer section. 2. If your closet is pretty big, put those out of season clothes in the back. 3. Try to bring your Fall and Winter clothes to the front of your closet in plain sight. Hang your accessories on a hanger or whatever place that will organize them so you know exactly where they are when you need them. It's totally okay to have more than one closet to rotate during the change of seasons, but its not okay to always have to run back and forth from the guest bedroom closet. Make your mornings easier and less hectic by taking time out of your Saturday or Sunday to rotate your closet. Who knows, you'll probably find things you forgot you had! What's better than re-shopping in your own closet?

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